Interested in my work? Click Below 


Interested in my work? Click Below 

About Me

My Background


I have always gravitated towards producing art in any form. I graduated from DuPont Manual High School Visual Art Program in Louisville, KY. I studied business through University of Phoenix. I currently own and operate Pinedale Art & Crafts in Pinedale, WY (established in 2016). 

My Medium

Waterline work in progress

I use many different mediums. The mediums I use the most at the moment are clay, oils, and, watercolor. I work with clay here in the shop/studio on the wheel or hand building. I will set up for plein-air oil painting on short hiking trips and take small watercolors sets on longer trips. 

My Inspiration

Mount Lester with son Mason

My inspiration is simply the land around me here in "The Winds". I am constantly mesmerized by all the movement and colors it produces which I try to relay in my work. I crave the opportunity to be out in it and capture its beauty the way I see it.